Silverwood Bakeware is in a class of its own.  Our award-winning range of Bakeware is designed for all your baking needs and actually improves with use.  Made from our signature Anodised Aluminium, Silverwood bakeware gives the ultimate in heat distribution throughout the whole tin, ensuring the contents cook evenly – no burnt bits or soggy bottoms!  All Silverwood Bakeware undergoes a process called Silver Anodising, which hardens and seals the core Aluminium, creating the distinctive Silverwood silver colour and creating a smooth, easy-release and easy clean finish.  Our Bakeware is deliberately uncoated so the surface is much tougher and even with heavy use; it will never peel, blister, warp or rust.

Choose from cake tins, sandwich tins, bread and loaf tins, baking sheets, quiche, flan, pie and Tarte Tatin dishes, roasting trays and dishes and much more - all handcrafted using our signature material of choice - Anodised Aluminium - for a lifetime of baking perfection. 

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