Silverwood Sustainability

Our Bakeware comes with a 25 year guarantee* and is designed to last a lifetime. We’re proud to make a strong statement on sustainability.

All of our Bakeware and Cookware is deliberately uncoated but undergoes a process called Silver Anodising, which hardens and seals the core aluminium, creating the distinctive Silverwood colour and a smooth, easy release and easy clean finish which is also much tougher and it will never peel, blister, warp or rust.

The special finish of Silverwood Bakeware and Cookware means it actually improves with use as it develops its own natural patina over time.

Seasoning a Silverwood piece is simple and rewarding; the satisfaction of a treasured possession which promises a lifetime of baking perfection - and the ultimate statement in sustainable cooking.


Silverwood bakeware is handcrafted. We insist on using high quality aluminium for its superior baking performance and strength. Additionally, when a tin reaches the end of its life; aluminium is fully recyclable, so it can be recycled through simple re-melting without any intervening process.

With its exceptional recyclability and lifetime performance, it’s no wonder Silverwood aluminium is the material of choice for professional kitchens.