New & Seasonal

New & Seasonal

Here are a few of the exciting new products recently added to our range along with season favourites.

For those BIG, BIG Wedding receptions:

Just in time for the wedding season, we have introduced two HUGE pans to the range:

14in (36cm) x 4¼in Deep Square cake Pan, loose based 14043                  

14in (36cm) x 4¼in Deep Round cake Pan, loose based  35043 

A whole new concept in Individual square cakes:

Choose from a 16 or 36 pan set.12284 and 12224

Individual Tatin / American Pie dishes

Since introducing our awardwinning Tarte Tatin dishes in 2002, we have had numerous requests for an individual version. Two things held us back:

Firstly, customers weren't sure whether they wanted a 4in or a 5in version, and secondly, we felt the finished dish would inevitably look like a dog bowl!  Then: Eureka! Why not do both sizes, and add a little Silverwood design magic? The result is a choice of either:

5in diameter   22353 (for larger appetites and American sized Apple pies) or

4in diameter   22343 (still naughty but restrained).  


Our Battenberg Cake tin has already been a great success.

Named in honour of the marriage of Queen Victoria's granddaughter (also named Victoria) to Prince Louis Battenberg in 1884, Battenberg cake has become one of the most popular tea-time treats in the UK, with thousands sold every week. Now you can easily make your own with our bespoke tin.

Complete with full recipe details, the new tin can make a traditional Battenberg cake, or with a little ingenuity can be used to produce numerous "checkerboard" variations.