For Professional Chefs

We have been supplying our award-winning Bakeware and Cookware to professional chefs since our beginning - and we’re still a firm favourite amongst commercial customers today. In fact, many of our customers are bakeries, patisseries, restaurants and catering establishments. 

Silverwood offers a comprehensive range of everyday and speciality Bakeware. From baking sheets and loaf tins to cake tins, flan, quiche and tart tins and specialist items such as tarte tatin dishes, savarin and dariole moulds, Multisize cake tins and multiple mini cake sets, we offer a vast choice in size and shape for all your professional needs. 

In addition to our core range, we are also able to produce special products for specific requirements – we often manufacture short runs of bakery trays to suit customer’s needs. Find out more about our bespoke service, or contact us.

What makes Silverwood special - One of the most significant features of our products is the core material from which we manufacture our tins. This core draws in all available heat and distributes it evenly throughout the tin, leaving no scorched hot-spots or part-cooked soggy bottoms! 


When it comes to freezing, the same high conductivity properties mean that you can freeze food in the tin quickly and efficiently. Similarly, time saving in-the-tin defrosting is an additional benefit, with ambient heat being swiftly drawn back through the tin and into your food.

NB: Never use our bakeware in a microwave oven.

Heat Spread Technology is a term we have coined to describe these features.